December 1, 2022 - March 31, 2022

Closing Reception Party: March 31st 8pm - 11pm (View Event Details)

Audifax uses her connection to the surrounding environment and intuition to create work intended to speak to humanity as a whole. Being born an artist and growing up in a family unable to afford art school, she felt trapped in a world where work meant survival and understands the importance of shifting our perception of limitations. Selling her belongings, she went to the streets of Europe to paint before street art was popular in the United States and there she found her canvas, walls. Self-taught in the areas of murals / street art, sculpture and acrylic painting, the bold photo-realistic and calligraffiti pieces connect to us on a level intended to awaken heart intelligence. She strives to push people beyond what they think they’re capable of and to understand dreams are achievable by embracing who we are, and most importantly, taking positive action.

“I’m excited to feature an evolving exhibition as well as bring a street artist back into Garver - it’s a rather new concept paired with a rather nostalgic medium given the location. While the intrigue of an evolving exhibition partially motivated this project, it was really the desire to fulfill a need in the artist community that spurred the pilot of a residency at Garver Canvas. I often hear that studio space is hard to find in Madison. Space is one thing we have at Garver and we’re always happy to share it with Madison’s artist community.”

-Bethany Jurewicz, Director of Public Programming, Garver Events


Bird Ross

Who Turned Out the Lights?

April 20, 2023 - June 11, 2023

Reception: April 28th

Bird Ross’s work revolves around an ongoing study into how disparate materials can be the perfect companions in any problem that needs solving. Her initial foray into making grew out of her love and knowledge of textiles, sewing and historical ways of clothing construction. Bird’s love of textiles and its history in people’s lives inspired her to teach a multitude of folks about the inherent joys and creative powers that sewing can initiate. She has constructed clothing, accessories, costumes, props, puppets, baskets, cards, and most recently collage and other paper constructions.

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